Apply solid management and communication skills to passion-driven projects in hospitality and tourism.


Creative manager with proven success as a leader, who delivers highly-articulate presentations across various platforms. My upper management experience includes developing and implementing new and revised procedures, while directing employees and department heads. From a Power Point presentation to a special events VIP tour, I will bring your message and story to your target audience with clarity and impact.

Project Management Accomplishments

  • Owner/Operator of Cambeerdia Tours
    • Created the first and only concept for craft beer tours in Phnom Penh
    • Developed entire business structure from the bottom up
  • Tour Guide for Old Dominick Distillery
    • Developed tour guide training outline
    • Organized procedures for bar management in compliance with health code regulations
  • General Manager for Agrileum Environmental Services
    • Worked with Executive and cross-functional teams to structure departments and develop all procedures for logistics, transportation, business development, account management and customer service
    • Managed 20 employees
    • Evaluated territory profits, to dissolve routes operating at a loss and assign sales in areas poised for growth
    • Designed training programs for truck drivers, and mandated monthly meetings to coordinate sessions with Maintenance, Human Resources, Accounting, and Safety.
  • Senior Sales Manager for Agrileum Environmental Services
    • Executed new hiring process for Business Development Associates, created and carried out training
    • Led Business Development Team into a $45,000 per month gross profit increase in 18 months
    • Formed sales department tools and strategies, such as meetings, logs, and spreadsheets
    • Established weekly forecasting reports for new sales
    • Developed and managed partnership programs with Sysco, Pepsi and NuCo2

Speaking & Writing Accomplishments

  • Owner/Operator of Cambeerdia Tours
    • Researched and wrote scripts for 3 tour options
    • Web content including blogs and ad campaign copy
  • Tour Guide for Old Dominick Distillery
    • Wrote the official, 60-minute script to tour production and tasting
    • Handled all VIP and special event tours
    • Promoted within 30 days to Tour Guide Trainer
  • General Manager for Agrileum Environmental Services
    • Wrote 300-page corrective action report which successfully appealed for safety rating upgrade
    • Wrote instruction manuals for tracking, filing and renewing, IFTA, IRP, UCR and KYU permits
  • Regional Account Executive for CMSText
    • Voluntarily designed new brochures, online slideshows and all copy; my new designs were adopted by management, printed and distributed nationally

Operations Accomplishments

  • Owner/Operator of Cambeerdia Tours
    • Manages all day-to-day operations
    • Meticulous financial oversight
    • Operates tours
  • General Manager for Agrileum Environmental Services
    • Outsourced truck maintenance and repairs, cutting costs by 50%, by coordinating with multiple diesel engine service providers, designing a preventative maintenance program, and hiring and training operations supervisor to oversee the fleet
    • Discovered and corrected a $200,000 error in customer payouts
    • Automated weekly reporting of income and expenses for cost of goods sold, employee hours, transportation and fuel cost
  • As Account Manager for Alden Poplar Creek
  • Increased referral tracking efficiency by 30% by improving spreadsheets

Marketing and Business Development Accomplishments

  • Owner/Operator of Cambeerdia Tours
    • Designs advertising and marketing materials using Adobe Creative Suite
    • Conceptualizes promotional campaigns
    • Utilizes print, digital, and social media
  • General Manager for Agrileum Environmental Services
    • Developed strategies from writing a comprehensive marketing plan, designing promotional materials and vendor and partner relationships to budgeting, overseeing distribution, digital marketing, and measuring results
    • Guided Business Development Associates to expand markets, based on cost analysis
  • Senior Sales Manager for Agrileum Environmental Services
  • Opened the Kentucky market, generating an additional monthly gross profit of $30,000
  • Managed key account sales from generating leads to creating presentations, attending meetings with decision-makers, closing sales and coordinating delivery and pick-up
  • Account Manager for Alden Poplar Creek
    • Spearheaded annual community Walk-A-Thon fundraising event
    • Coordinated continuing education courses for referring social workers


Cambeerdia Tours, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Owner/Operator, 2017-Present
Created the first craft-beer focused tour in Cambodia

Old Dominick Distillery, Memphis, TN, Tour Guide, 2017
Toured guests through production and tasting room of a new distillery

Agrileum Environmental Services, Memphis, TN, General Manager, 2014-2016
Redeveloped a used cooking oil collection and recycling business, that previously operated at a $150k a month loss, into profitable and local business model

Agrileum Environmental Services, Memphis, TN, Senior Sales Manager,2013                                                           Oversaw all functions of sales department. Expanded the sales team to gain $21,000 a month gross profit increase.

CMSText, Lexington, KY, Regional Account Executive, 2012
Sought out and closed accounts for text message marketing program. Responsible for territories in Arkansas, California, Louisiana, New York, Kentucky, Maine, and Texas.

Alden Poplar Creek, Hoffman Estates, IL, Account Manager, 2011
Developed and maintained relationships with healthcare professionals to increase patient referrals


Writing & Editing
Speaking & Presentation
Highly Proficient with Excel
Microsoft Office Suite
Mac and PC platform


University of Memphis, Journalism & Public Relations

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