The pieces included here were written for a Public Relations Writing course taken at the University of Memphis. Memphis Heritage, a non-profit, historical architecture preservation organization, was selected as a case study on which to base these pieces.

Piece 1

“Atomic Age Architecture Destined for Detonation” is a feature release example. The objective of the piece is to educate and instill a sense of urgency among readers to take action of preserving an overlooked era of architecture. The piece is successful in this and demonstrates  a persuasive writing skill, critical to public relations.

Piece 2

This is a sample brochure created for Memphis Heritage. What is key about this is the consideration of cost for publicity operations. Printing and distribution can be expensive, so the use of the brochure was reserved for something with a larger return on investment potential: paying membership. The content was written to be punchy, positive, and appeal to the emotion about “the good ol’ days.” It caters to the 45 to 75 year old demographic, which is the organization’s strongest candidates for support.

Piece 3

This is a position paper titled: “Most Endangered Historic Places in Shelby County and Our Progress in 5 Years.” It accomplishes two things as a publicity piece. First, it promotes the successes of Memphis Heritage, and other historic preservation efforts, putting the organization in a good light. Second, it makes a call to action for further support. The paper is flexible. It could be used for white papers, facts for publications, or even an outline for a promotional video.

Public Relations Writing Portfolio Summary

The collection of pieces here were selected to show the writer’s affinity for creative writing and storytelling, and can be used as a dynamic style for public relations. It is especially useful for persuading stakeholders or potential stakeholders, by illustrating stories which appeal to the emotion. For example, the mid-century architects’ visions for city planning in Piece 1, the catchy headings in Piece 2, and the clearly outlined successes in Piece 3. This style connects to public relations in a broader field, as a segue into creative positions like writer, director or marketing professional.

Professional Goals

Aften Locken has a strong background in management. She is a natural creative with artistic skills she is fine-tuning in studying at the University of Memphis. She plans to merge her professional experience and education in a leadership role as a Creative Director, Project Manager or Producer for creative information, education, promotion or entertainment projects.